DCF is a comedy show that follows Pat, a square New Englander, who moves to San Francisco to start a new life only to find that life in the bay is a lot more than he bargained for.

DON’T CALL IT FRISCO has been called the West Coast’s version of Broad City meets HBO’s High Maintenance. The series tackles contemporary urban themes while simultaneously spoofing the smorgasbord of clashing ideologies in millennial urban culture.


We recently won best web series at First-Glance Hollywood!

San Francisco is primed and ready for this series to make fun of it, celebrate it, break it down and build it back up!

Everyone has their own impression of the strangeness of San Francisco and we’re ready to show them it’s weirder than they could ever have imagined. No one has done us the in-justice we deserve!


Our goal is to bring the DCF web series to a platform like Hulu or Netflix.

Don’t Call it Frisco is produced by Vibrant Films a creative production crew in San Francisco. Matt Barkin is the show creator.


When Stephen Laferriere (Pat from DCF) first moved here, much like in episode 1, he was shut down hard when he said “Frisco” the same went with “San Fran”. The show creator was also informed by a 60 year local that the only acceptable terms were “The Citythe BaySF, and San Francisco

That being said, many people who grew up here call it Frisco. If you are one of those people I hope you won’t take this too seriously.