The Don’t Call it Frisco team is a mighty band of creative weirdos, nerds, and odd-balls from all over (Much like San Francisco). The majority of us are experienced production professionals in the commercial/corp dorp world. DCF is our pet project.

The show is written/directed by Matt Barkin but it takes a village!

Look out for the behind the scenes videos. You just might like them more than the show itself 😉


This is a little background for the title.

Don’t Call It Frisco is actually a book written by the famous columnist Herb Caen. He coined the term after a local judge’s 1918 rebuke to an out-of-town petitioner (“No one refers to San Francisco by that title except people from Los Angeles“)— appeared in 1953 (Wikipedia)

When Stephen Laferriere (Pat from DCF) first moved here, much like in episode 1, he was shut down hard when we said “Frisco” the same went with “San Fran”. I also was informed by a 60 year local that the only acceptable terms were “The City, the Bay, SF, and San Francisco

That being said, many people who grew up here call it Frisco. If you are one of those people I hope you won’t take this too seriously.

Here’s an interesting timeline of the term from Mother Jones: